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May 21 2017

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When all my tests pass, except the very last one

/* by Mauricio Klein */

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Mann mit VR-Brille reitet im Hafen auf einem Schaukelmotorrad
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When we discover how our website looks like in IE

/* by Pop */

Once I’m done reading the specs of my new project

/* by The coding love */

Sales guy reaction to my technical explanations

/* by Cr4zy */

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I read an Anglo-Norman lai of Celtic origin about a werewolf when I was at university.

The King invites him into his court… then into his bed… then kisses him ‘’over 100 times’’. And that’s literally the end of the story.

People have wanted to fuck werewolves for longer than we ever realized

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Why didnt I think of this before

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NEW: leaked footage of Alien: Covenant.

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Thoughtful notice at a local vet.

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